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For 3 days at Jakarta, there will be an exibition whitch will proudly present a "Ecowaste & Watertech"
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PT. Mistindo Connexion Jl. Tebet Timur Dalam VII no.12A Jakarta Selatan, 12820
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Mrs. Christine Halim

Mrs. Christine Halim

President of Indonesian Plastics Recycling Association (ADUPI)
"Indonesia needs an immediate changes in terms of their waste management. In this case, stakeholder also responsible to participate starting from citizen, government, producers and the recycling chain. Ecowaste Indonesia is the best platform for meet up and getting into details of the current issues to find the solution for Indonesia's waste problem. It needs the right infrastructure and the right technology to solve the country waste problem and Ecowaste Indonesia is the right opportunity for exchanging knowledge that can be applied in hope towards a waste-free Indonesia 2020."
Ir. Sri Bebassari, M. Si

Ir. Sri Bebassari, M. Si

President of INSWA – Indonesia Solid Waste Association
Waste in Indonesia has become a national problem and not just the Government's responsibility in its management, especially solid waste. All parties should do dialogue with find a solution in processing and proper solid waste management in Indonesia, both the Central Government, the regions, the industry (waste-producing), the industry (waste-rcycling), practitioners and academics, as well as organizations representing the public waste matter. ECOWASTE INDONESIA – EXHIBITION & CONFERENCE is the right place to meetings of all parties to dialogue and find a solution for processing and solid waste management in Indonesia. These opportunities can be exploited by the company in the field of solid waste management technologies and waste processing facilities and infrastructure to display and promote their products and technology. Thank You